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it's so right tonight.
to do nothing
warm up worn out beds
to speak of dead

she wears lies on her lips
to poison the truth before it slips out
reveal our revelation
to fade out before daybreak

they’re all sitting in a circle
to take notice of the lost
hold hands and bow their heads
to remember what was mislaid.

we are all we are all we are all
too secure in becoming too raw
showcase systematic class
too lost to remember what we had.
forever's dead

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Hi. I'm Lily. And I've had writer's block for just about forever. But this is an attempt from not too far back. I repeat, an attempt.


You are my mourning sickness.
And there's nothing more I would love
than to hear your heart beating right now.
That rush of blood through your veins.
That unforgiving breath of life that you stole
from your very lungs.
Because your wrists have a lasting case against you,
one filled with bloody tales of cowardice.
My eyes now loathe you. Forbidden to look into yours.
Those lips once were ruby red, but it's so cold
underground. They must be freezing.
The color of hope in his eyes.
The color I found myself staring into to replace
And the color I've grown to appreciate over brown.

You had the most beautiful brown eyes.


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